Selected Publications

Selected publications

All publications are sole authorship, unless otherwise noted.

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Conference review. AERI 2012. The Moving Image 12(1), Spring 2013 (forthcoming). (PDF)

“I Love a Parade.” In Uhrich, A. (2012). The Second Lives of Home Movies: Private and Public Viewings of Home Movies. In Media Res theme week for October 15-19, 2012.

Book review. Saving Cinema: The politics of preservation by Caroline Frick. Screen, Fall 2012: 501-503. (PDF)

AERI/Pluralizing the Archival Curriculum Working Group. (Multiple co-authors) (2011). “Educating for the archival multiverse.” American Archivist, Spring/Summer (35): 68-102. (PDF)

Book review. Archival Storytelling: A filmmaker’s guide to finding, using, and licensing third-party visuals and music by Sheila Curran Bernard and Kenn Rabin. The Moving Image 9(2), Fall 2010. (PDF)

Book review. Film Preservation: Competing definitions of value, use, and practice by Karen Gracy. The Moving Image 8(2), pp. 51-53, Fall 2008. (PDF)

“See and Save: Balancing access and preservation for ephemeral moving images.” Spectator: The University of Southern California’s Journal of Film & Television Criticism, 27(1), pp. 21-28, Spring 2007. (PDF)

“Film Archive Access Coordinator.” In Shontz, Priscilla K., ed.  A Day in the Life: Career options in library and information science. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2007, pp. 229-233.

“Media Storage at Home” Published in IdeaWise: Storage. Minneapolis, MN: Creative Publishing International, 2005, pp. 52-53.

Capturing the Friedmans: Review and interview with director Andrew Jarecki.” The Moving Image, (3)2, pp. 88-89 (2003). (PDF)

“Family in a Can: Presenting and preserving home movies in museums.” The Moving Image, (1)2, pp. 54-62 (2001). (PDF)

Digital Imaging Report No. 1. “Building a Digital Archive at the Japanese American National Museum.” Museum Computer Network, eSpectra Special Features, 2001.

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