Resources, collected

Over the years I’ve created a number of resources I share often with students, colleagues, and mentees. Most of them relate to professional development, self-assessment, and job-hunting; all of them are tools I use myself, not just things I tell other people to do. I’m gathering them here, for convenient reference, in a single post — one that you can bookmark, and that I can update and add to as I develop new resources. All links will open in a new window, and are to PDFs unless otherwise noted.

Checklist for recommendations, references, and letters of support

Professional profile self-assessment

Advice on job-hunting during a pandemic

Airtable database template for job-hunting (view-only link; you can copy this base and customize the tables/fields for your own job-search needs)

How to Read an Article (especially good for those who are starting grad school or professional certificate programs with a heavy reading load)

Home Movie Living Will (fillable PDF form for easy documentation of personal media collections and owners’ wishes for their disposition) (editable .docx version)

Advice on attending conferences (includes guidance on handshaking and other in-person stuff, a lot of which I realize is now pretty obsolete)

For copies of course syllabi and other teaching materials, please visit my Teaching page.

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