Courses and syllabi

My teaching work is closely related to my research, which explores how audiovisual materials–especially non-theatrical media such as home movies, amateur films, and evidentiary recordings–are integrated into our larger cultural heritage.

Teaching areas
Preservation and access for audiovisual materials
Appraisal, collection development, and archival administration
Ethical, legal, and policy issues in personal record-keeping
Management of material and recorded evidence in law enforcement agencies
Nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship

Courses and workshops taught

UCLA – Moving Image Archive Studies
MIAS 240: Moving Images and Archival Administration (Winter 2012, 2014, 2016)(Syllabus – PDF)
MIAS 289: Home Movies (Spring 2016)(Syllabus – PDF)
MIAS 230: Moving Image Cataloging (Winter 2011)(Syllabus – PDF)
MIAS 240: Collection Development (Spring 2006)

UCLA – Department of Information Studies
IS 289-2: Special Topics in Information Studies: Archives in the Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance Technologies (with Jean-François Blanchette)(Fall 2016)(Syllabus – PDF)
IS 432: Preservation of Heritage Materials (Spring 2012, Spring 2017)(S12 Syllabus – PDF)
IS480: Intro to Media Archives & Preservation (Fall 2016)(Syllabus – PDF)

Texas State University, San Marcos – Center for Texas Public History
HIST 5375G: Historic Home Movies (Spring 2011)(Syllabus – PDF)

University of Texas, Austin  – School of Information
INF 385T: Creating Sustainable Collections: Advanced Digital Imaging (Co-instructor)
(Spring 2008, Fall 2008)

California Rare Books School
History, Identification, and Preservation of Motion Picture Materials (2014, 2016)